Managing an Outsource Capacity Management Service

There has been a move in recent years for more aspects of IT service management to be outsourced. This makes perfect sense for those functions that are solely concerned with the management of IT systems and resources. However, where a function interacts with both the Business and with IT the situation is less clear.

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ITIL and me

Following on from the two previous articles, the attention has now turned to me, and my involvement with ITIL.

How did you get in to this ITIL lark?

My own specialism is Capacity Management. I was working for the UK’s leading software and consultancy firms in this area during the 1990s. At this time they . . . → Read More: ITIL and me

ITIL in the Public Sector

Following my previous article introducing ITIL, I was asked how it fitted into Public Sector organisations and the impact of budget cuts.

How does this fit in with the public sector agenda?

Given that ITIL was born from the CCTA, a UK government agency, and is owned by the OGC (Office of Government Commerce) there . . . → Read More: ITIL in the Public Sector

What is ITIL all about?

I have been asked by a public sector consultancy to put together a Q&A about ITIL... basically, an irreverant introduction to the subject.

ITIL v3 has been in place for a couple of years now – what exactly does it offer, and how does this compare to previous versions?

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