Can Tools ever replace Analysts?

Over the years, the quality of tools available to the Capacity Manager have improved immensely. Little's Law may have been written before the advent of mass computing, but its application is crucial to predicting computing capacity. One of the earlier applications of the Law was to predict queuing on telephone exchanges. Whilst I am too . . . → Read More: Can Tools ever replace Analysts?

Better than average?

How busy is a system?

If one could measure a system at the most detailed level, then a system would either be busy doing "something" or it would be idle doing "nothing". Curiously enough, moving from this fact to the reporting of system utilisation is beyond some of the people that I have met over . . . → Read More: Better than average?

Should you ever replace a planning assumption?

In the planning cycle, you start off with a load of assumptions.

Then observations are made of existing systems, and you might be tempted to say that your assumptions were wrong... but are they?

Does experience of system A automatically mean that the assumption for system B is wrong?

Alternatively, you might have made an . . . → Read More: Should you ever replace a planning assumption?